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Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a radio or if you need one repaired. Click on my email address below. Or you can call me at 626.286.8411.

Radio chassis Services:

Radio chassis restoration costs are $20 labor per tube count of the radio being serviced. As an example a 10 tube radio is $200 labor plus the cost of parts. These old radio need to have all the wax paper capacitors replaced. The power supply filter capacitors are especially important replacement parts. Tubes, resistors, coils, output transformers, and many other components add to parts cost as well if needed. Speaker repairs are also a common added cost. As a 10 tube radio example “most” radios can total $350 to $400 in completed cost. Each radio is different so actual cost very and cannot be determined until the radio is on the bench tested and playing. Ball park cost are just that.

Cabinet refinish Service:

Consoles: Normal cabinet’s straight forward undamaged wood is $600 labor plus $200 materials. Refinishing materials are costly, cabinet labor is very time consuming. Replacement grill cloth adds cabinet cost. Cabinet labor can go higher depending on extra wood and veneer damage.

Large table radios: $300 labor $100 material, plus grill cloth.

Small table radio: $200 labor $50 materials and grill cloth.


Another common question I get is… what is my radio worth?

I do not appraise radios. I do not set radio prices. Radio prices are very different across the country. Condition is everything. I know you see radios with a price on my website and on other websites too. Restored radio values from restorers like myself deferrer greatly from unrestored or previous repaired radios.  That being said I do buy radios. I repair them and resale them. I do make fair offers for quality restorable radios.  Keep in mind what restoring cost. I cannot pay restored price. 

I do not repair or service foreign radios. I do not repair radios newer that 1950 or older than 1930.


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